How to play Dragon Tiger

Basic Rules and How to Play

To enjoy the game, players will place their real money bets on the Dragon or the Tiger. The player will then wait for the live dealer to place the cards on the table, both of which will be revealed face up. There are no further actions in the game. The highest card will win. However, there are two rules that are in play. All aces are low cards and if both spots receive the same value card, the hand is a tie and the house will take half of every wager that has been placed. Other than that, the game is straightforward and very easy to play. There are no special rules and no skills that are required to enjoy Dragon Tiger. Players will simply guess which spot will receive the highest card on the deal.

Player Moves

Players have limited moves when playing this live dealer game and they can place their bets on the Dragon or the Tiger spit. Whichever has the highest card will be the winner and payouts are offered accordingly. There are also tie bets that can be placed which will bet on whether the two revealed cards will be of equal value. The payout for this bet is 8:1, just like with Baccarat. However, tie bets offer the casino a huge edge at 32.7%, so this bet is best avoided.

Big and Small bets can also be placed with Dragon Tiger and players will wager on whether the Dragon or the Tiger spot will be Big, over 7, or Small, under 7. This wager will lose if either spot is a 7.

Dragon Tiger Suit Bets and Strategies

There is one more bet that can be placed on the game and this is the suit bet. With this, the wager will pay 3:1 if a correct suit is selected. Players will choose either the Dragon or the Tiger hand and guess which suit the revealed card will be. Like other bets in the game, the casino will take all wagers if a seven is revealed.

There are very few strategies that can be employed when playing live Dragon Tiger. It is possible to count cards like in Blackjack, but since minimal cards are used in each hand, this can be a daunting task. Players can have a slight advantage if they seek out a live dealer casino that is using a 6 deck shoe as there are fewer cards that will be in play, making it possible to count cards and choose the right bets at the table. In regards to suit bets, players should watch the suits that are in play for each hand. If three of the four suits have appeared more often than a single suit, this is a good time to place a bet on that single suit, increasing the chances of winning this site bet.