Yabo101 Online Casino has been devoted to providing a complete entertainment platform to our users. Yabo101 has cooperated with many famous game developers including Asian favorite WM Casino.  You can try lots of live games as well as poker games in WM Casino. It’s easy to bet in WM which will bring all the players the best entertainment ever.

WM Live Casino Game Room Features

WM Live Casino is  is the most popular game type in Yabo101. In addition to original Baccarat, there are MiCard Baccarat, Online Roulette Game, Sic Bo, and beauty dealer service. More than that, WMinstruction is simple and easy for every new starter. WM game assistance will also show you the detail of various games.

-WM Live Baccarat

WM Baccarat offers multiple functions, such as online beauty dealers and the wonderful background music, making you feel like being in a real casino. The  playing method of WM Baccarat is as follows; the person who places the maximum amount of bets has the right of taking a peek at cards. Players can see betting chips clearly on the table. It’s like you are in a real casino.

-WM Live Roulette

WM Roulette also provide the same services as Baccarat as well. Roulette is the perfect blend of good odds and suspense. Beside the simple bets of red and black ane even and odd, there are more exciting ways to beta in Roulette as well. You will get impresses with great graphics and sound effects at WM Roulette.

-WM Live  SicBo 

WM Sic Bo is a simple and fun game with a aclear objective. A bet should be placed on a predicted result of the roll of the dice. The dice should then be rolled and if the result is as you predicted you win the round, on the other hand, if the outcome is not as you predicted then the bet is lost.

-WM Live Se Die 

The dealer puts 4 buttons with red and white side in a plate with bowl as a cover and then shakes. After the dealer stops shaking in the screen, the members can start to bet. When the betting time is finish and the dealer open the bowl, the system will payout according to the result.

-WM Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is one of the poker games. The object of the game is the banker drawn a card for dragon and tiger to compete the point. It is played with eight decks. The player can place the bet on Dragon, Tiger, Tie and all. First card is burned at the begining of every game. The banker deals two cards. The two cards will be dealt face up, one to the Dragon first, then to the Tiger, the side with higher total wins.

-WM Live Niu Niu

The game uses 52 cards (excluding Joker). Deal 5 cards to each player in every game round. Find 3 cards which can add up to 10 or a  multiple of 10. If the rest of 2 cards ass upp to over 10, the total has to minus 10, then, the remaining points compares the points with Banker.

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